Monday, April 11, 2011


I have been so lazy with this blog. :( Oops!

Been doing really well. Lost 20.1kg to date. Last Saturday we were invited to our friend's place for dinner, so I did 2 zumba classes, so that I could indulge in dinner, and wine and dessert, and wouldn't you know it in the morning I had actually lost weight! Totally worth it.

I have been doing zumba classes a lot lately. I love it! It is such an awesome work out, and I love the music! Burning an average of 600 calories per class, which is more than I burn in other classes.

On Saturday we have our 2nd mini milestone, so I will be doing 3 classes - oh help me! One of those classes happens to be a 1.5 hour boxing class - argh! I have never done boxing so I have no idea how sore I will be. I am thinking Saturday night will be spent in bed.

Keep you updated.

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