Thursday, February 17, 2011

Downhill since Valentine's Day

Well, I think it is time for another post. Last Saturday night we had friends over for dinner. I made entree, main, and dessert. All healthy, and all from Michelle's Crunch time cook book. I think I may over over-indulged with the dip. I didn't even really have all that much. Oh, it could have been the cheese. I worked out how many calories I would consume and made an effort to burn those calories off before the night started. Well, I went up about 100 grams, not so bad.

I think the bad day happened to be Valentine's Day. We had lunch at The Press Club in Melbourne. We had the sharing menu... Looking back it would have been better if we had just ordered a main. It may have been the yummy olive bread they serve. And they keep serving it too, which doesn't help. And dipping it in oil and salt - really can't help!

Well, it has been almost a week now, and I am still not down to my lowest, which was right before that meal on Saturday night. I am almost there - only 200 grams away!

I am strict with myself during the week, but I am bad in if I have a taste of something sweet and yummy, I can't just stop of having 1, that's why I try and avoid that stuff altogether.

Well, this weekend is my step daughter's birthday, which is being held at her Aunty's house. Now, I do not want to go backwards again, and especially so close to kick off! I think I will make my own lunch and take it over there. Oh my, I just remembered we are going to my Mum's for dinner that night too.... Hmmm... This woman's favourite saying is "I no cook much!" which is far from the truth. In fact, she cooks enough for a small African village. <-- This is going to be difficult to conter-act. Ok, no bread or cheese before dinner. She usually serves that when you get there, and you fill up on that you don't feel like dinner. And I think, if there is pasta I will just eat half my serve! Any other tips please don't hestitate to help me out.

Fingers crossed, and I will check in on Monday.

Love Rosa

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