Monday, February 21, 2011

What a great weekend!

Well, meeting Michelle Bridges on Sunday at Chadstone Shopping Centre was really an amazing experience!

A few things I remember from our conversation. Michelle telling me that I am perfect that way that I am, we are just going to make a better version of you. Also, I told her that I had already lost 6.5kg's just following the recipe's in her book, and she said that I am going to rock this round, to which I responded, Yes, I am! :) She is so nice, and friendly, and obviously she cares about people.  But seriously I am glad that our training session with Michelle is at the end of the 12 weeks, because I really believe I will need the 12 weeks to train just for the session with her!!! Scared much???

On another note, the weekend worked out not too bad. They had peppercorn sausages and rissoles at the bbq, which were only 100cal. I did not too bad at my Mum's and the next day only went up 100 grams. Woohoo. I have lost 2kg since Weigh in last week. I am wrapt! Slowly creeping up to my hubby's weight, and he is tall and skinny. Yay, go me!

Love Rosa

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